According to world health organization (WHO), a large portion of people are sub-healthy. This is as a result of a polluted foods grown in soils depleted of trace minerals, excessive stress, polluted water and air

Diamond star wellness is poised towards bringing health solutions such as using natural remedies to replace the nutrition deficiencies in our health. You cannot escape chronic health conditions if your health is left unchecked. With open arms, we invite you to boost the quality of your life with safe, gentle, natural alternative which diamond star wellness offers

As trusted agents of positive change in health care ancillary services and our expertise in setting up and implementing frameworks for growth and assistance in the health care industry. We are always prepared to share with our clients our many years of serving and experience.

Have a general view of your vital organs such as lungs, brain, heart, kidney, bones, liver, eye, stomach, skin, prostrate etc in a few minutes and have access to free detox tea, massaging, and instant printout of your scanned report.

We always hope you will come to us in confidence so we can help you with any health challenge Good health is everything, prevention is always better and cheaper than cure. Do you know anyone having health challenges? Please help save a life.


Institutions who can look beyond the pursuit of obtaining the ‘bay watch body’ and place a value on the emotional, social, psychological and physiological health & wellbeing of their clients thus employees, students etc rather than purely on superficial aspects of weight and health management. Diamond Star follow the good approach. Our approach focuses on thorough body organs scan, developing a positive relationship with organic remedies for any health conditions after the scan and physical activities, and growing a community of support for people of any health conditions. For those who are developing symptoms to a health condition, we provide organic remedies to prevent the condition from escalating and put a stop to it
• People that are willing to take the time to work out a best approach for their selves and clientele, who are not happy with the one package fits all mentality. Our Corporate Health and Wellness Service specializes in working on and helping people who are interested in
knowing their health situations, using the cutting-edge of evidence based scans, organic remedies and therapies to help clients improve their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.
Pick and choose the services that you think best accommodate you and your family.
We make our services cheap so every person in the country can afford. It is good to know your health status and Diamond Star is here to help


We educate students/employees/the public on health related issues and provide them with full body organs scan for each person to be aware of the health status.

We provide free counselling/consultation

We provide full organic remedies to those who needs it and help them in a prevention process.

We also sell organic medical products which prevents or treat all types of medical conditions specifically body organs functionality problems